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Digital Product






Product Launch Formula


Affiliate Offers



"This is a must-have for anyone looking to sell more digital courses, training, products or services with emails..."

In total, you get 51 emails that cover everything you need in your email marketing strategy. This is a real game changer. You save time and money! Simply copy, paste, make some suggested changes to suit your business and send!


The Ultimate Email Marketing Kit

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You get ALL the email sequences and promotions you need. With 51 proven and profitable email templates contained in 7 different sequences, you'll never run out of ideas again.

It also comes in a handy Goole Docs and PDF document so you can easily adapt each email to suit your business. (Comes with suggested changes that make adapting your emails even easier.)

Best of all , it frees up your time so you can focus on what you do best... so it's perfect for course creators, trainers, consultants, authors, agencies, and ANY business that needs to sell more online with their emails- mails.

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51 Easy Ways to Make More Sales and More Money with Your Emails!

No hiring expensive writers and no staring at a blank screen for hours either… It’s all done for you.

If you want a simple, easy, done-for-you solution for all your email marketing needs to make more sales online faster and easier than ever before, then you're in the right place.

Let me explain.

Despite what the naysayers tell us…

Most Online Marketing Gurus agree…

Email Marketing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money online

The problem is, unless you're an experienced writer, creating your own winning emails can be a frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive experience.

And until now, the only solutions you had were to hire an expensive writer, or spend thousands on courses and learn how to do it yourself.

Fortunately, all that has changed.

Now you have a proven, easy and very affordable solution to your email marketing problems

That's because I did all the work for you.

My name is Guilherme Laschuk.

And for the first time, I took everything I learned from selling $1,000,000 via email and put it all into easy-to-use “fill in the blank” email templates.

After attracting more than 2,000 people to training programs and courses and spending tens of thousands of reais on mentoring and masterminds...I discovered exactly which emails work... and, more importantly, which emails don't work.

And I've laid it all out for you step by step so you can plug my proven email templates into your own emails... and watch your business soar.This means…

You'll never have to wonder what to put in your emails

You will never have to look at a blank screen

And you'll start making sales from your emails without spending thousands on expensive copywriters or fancy email courses

See how easy the “Ultimate Email Marketing Kit” really is...

Your 3 Easy Steps to Mastering Email!

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Once you download the "Email Marketing Kit", you will see how easy it is to create your own profitable emails.

That's because you get 51 proven and profitable email templates contained in 7 different sequences, plus a set of 26 'unique' emails. However, that's just the beginning!

Here are 4 reasons why your “Ultimate Email Marketing Kit” is so quick and easy to use and so valuable!

First of all, it's so easy to use: “The Email Marketing Kit” comes in a Google Docs document, so it's easy to copy and make changes.

Second, it turns you into an email marketing expert overnight: At the beginning of each email sequence, I give you a quick breakdown of why the sequence is so successful. This gives you a world-class email marketing education. You will instantly receive lessons that will last a lifetime.

Thirdly, it offers up to 102 emails: you get up to 2 suggested subject lines for each email template. This means you can create up to 2 different and profitable emails for each email template. (So ​​that's potentially 102 emails!)

Fourth, turn these templates into your own unique emails with a few simple changes: Each email contains suggested changes in blue font. This means you know exactly what to change to make every email yours. This makes your emails unique, completely yours, and different from anyone else's emails.

Here are all the amazing done-for-you email templates you get today for just $17...

Digital marketing gurus say: the only person who buys from you twice is your customer.

And that's exactly what we're going to do in this sequence of emails: people will, literally, buy twice from you.

You won't need to double your advertising costs to double your sales.

Email sequence #1...

The “UpSell 2X + SALES” Sequence

Make your customers buy twice from you without spending again on ads

(3 e-mails)

Get people to recommend your product and generate free leads.

With each passing day, leads are scarce.

This is for a simple reason: it is EXPENSIVE to advertise and the tendency is for this competition to increase even more.

To help you with this, I have separated a sequence of 2 emails for you to generate FREE leads through REFERRALS, capable of increasing your sales via email marketing by 5%.

Email sequence #2...

The “Free Leads” Sequence

Get people to recommend your product and generate free leads.

(2 e-mails)

Increase your sales by up to 103% upon launch.

That's right!

Our studies prove: leads that confirm upon launch usually convert up to 103% more than leads that do not confirm.

To do this, we have prepared a sequence of emails for you to receive +50% confirmation on your launch.

Email sequence #3...

The “Product Launch Formula” Sequence

Increase your sales by up to 103% upon launch.

(6 e-mails)

Discover the emails that will generate the most profit for your project.

Make your customers buy twice from you without spending again on ads

Schedule these 3 emails so you can sell mentoring to your clients and scale your business’ revenue.

This sequence of emails is perfect for High Ticket and Backend products, bringing direct revenue to your business.

Email sequence #4...

The “High Ticket” Email Sequence

Discover the emails that will generate the most profit for your project.

(3 e-mails)

Do you want to further increase the engagement of your leads from your base?

Do you want your leads to arrive MUCH more prepared for your launch?

Use this sequence of 14 emails to "dominate" your lead's head and allow them to participate in your launch.

Email sequence #5...

The “Heated Leads” Sequence

Fill your emails with emotions so you can make more sales!

(14 e-mails)

The HIGHEST open rate for a sequence is one sent RIGHT after the person has purchased your product.

This is the perfect time for you to ACCELERATE your customer's ascension so they can buy MUCH more often from you.

Use this sequence of 6 emails and TAKE OFF your client’s results.

Email sequence #6...

The “Welcome” Sequence

Do this and ACCELERATE the rise of your customers in your business.

(5 e-mails)

That's right. AT LEAST 69% of leads that arrive at checkout end up ABANDONING the purchase of your product.

While people are looking to increase sales with traffic, you have the opportunity to increase your sales without having to increase traffic costs, simply by recovering the rest of the potential buyers.

Email sequence #7...

The “Abandoned Cart” Sequence

Recover the +69% of sales that are lost EVERY day.

(18 e-mails)

But wait! Have more!

As you can see, nothing was left to chance. You achieve everything. All the templates, sequences, and unique emails you'll need to grow your business.

Plus, your small investment is covered by my outrageous…

My guarantee is simple and straightforward.

Download the entire “Ultimate Email Marketing Kit” today and try it out for yourself. If you're like most of my clients, you'll be thrilled with the results. However, in the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied and delighted with your purchase, simply let me know and I will happily refund your money. Undoubtedly. Or keep it longer. Keep it for a full 7 days if desired. Even so, if you're not completely satisfied - for any reason - just let me know and you'll receive a prompt refund. And we will continue as friends.

“Try Before You Buy” Money Back Guarantee!

It's happened before in my other offerings. All good. If they need their 17 dollars back so badly, I'll do it. But they don't concern me. (That's the price we pay these days.)

What worries ME are the thousands of honest people I will help with this offer. Thousands of people who will now have all their email marketing needs solved, without paying thousands of dollars for writers or cutting-edge courses. It's the people I worry about. These are the people I care about. And that's why I offer such a generous guarantee.

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And look... I know that some dishonest people will take advantage of my generous guarantee and rob me.

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We discussed special offers earlier in this message. And we all know that people love to get a bargain. THE GOOD NEWS is that I practice what I preach. So, for a limited time, when you order the Ultimate Email Marketing Kit for just $17, you will also receive 3 valuable bonuses, worth $353, absolutely free!

2 free gift bonuses worth $198.00

Are you unsure about HOW to start building your email list?

In this bonus you will win a masterclass where I will show you 7 ways to capture leads for your business!

Free Gift Bonus #1

How to Build an Email List from ZERO

(Valued at $ 99.00 Yours FREE)

(Value $ 99.00 - Yours FREE)

Emails to sell need to reach your lead.In this masterclass, I will show you how to increase the delivery of your emails so that they land in your lead's inbox.

Free Gift Bonus #2

Email list mastery

(Valorizado em $ 99,00 Seu GRÁTIS)

(Value $99.00 - Yours FREE)

Thousands of reais in emails and $198.00 in FREE bonus gifts

Frankly, I would have paid thousands of dollars for these templates and bonuses when I started. They would have saved me time, money and a lot of trial and error.

But you can get all this for just $17.

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Well, I can assure you I'm not crazy.

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Think! Once you order, you get instant access to all the email templates you'll ever need. With 51 proven and profitable email templates contained in 7 different sequences with 'uniques' PLUS 3 FREE bonus freebies, you have all your email marketing needs covered.

And remember, these models are perfect for selling…


Digital Product






Product Launch Formula


Affiliate Offers



Simply copy, paste, make some suggested changes to suit your business and send!

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Common questions...

What exactly is “the best email marketing kit”?

"The Ultimate Email Marketing Kit" is a collection of dozens of 100% pre-written, 100% "fill in the blank" email templates.

You get ALL the emails and email sequences you need to start or grow your online business!

Just open the template on your computer, add some details about your product or service and that's it!

Why is it only $17?

The price for the "Ultimate Email Marketing Kit" is normally $197.00... BUT, as part of a pre-launch marketing campaign to gather testimonials, I am offering it for the special price of just $17. Naturally, I can't keep it at this price for long, so get it now while you still can!

Who is the “Ultimate Email Marketing Kit” for?

The "Ultimate Email Marketing Kit" was specially designed for those who want to sell more of their courses, consultancy, agency services, infoproducts, events, webinars... and practically everything online!

If I use the templates, won't my emails look the same as everyone else's?

Great question!

While fill-in-the-blank templates are 99% made for you, when you add your own details, the content changes so it's unique to YOU.

Plus, you can edit the templates however you want and add your own flavor to make them match your existing content.

(And the reality is this… there are so many different templates included, it's impossible for you to use the exact same template combination in your email sequences as someone else!)

When will I have access to all files and bonuses?


You get instant access to all files and bonuses once you complete your order.

PLUS, all files are well organized and labeled so you can get started right away :)

Como obtenho ajuda se houver problemas com minha compra?

Estamos aqui para ajudá-lo a ter sucesso!

Basta enviar suas perguntas para o email help@ustoppable.com ou WhatsApp +55 11 95396-8206 e responderemos dentro de 24 horas.

E se eu decidir que isso não é para mim?

Sem problemas, porque você está protegido pela nossa famosa garantia de devolução do dinheiro em 7 dias!

É simples...

Faça o download de todo o "Kit Definitivo do Email Marketing" hoje e experimente você mesmo. Se você não observar um aumento imediato de novos leads, clientes ou consumidores, é só me avisar. Devolverei seu dinheiro com prazer. Sem dúvida. Ou mantê-lo por mais tempo. Mantenha-o por 7 dias completos, se desejar. Mesmo assim, se você não continuar a expandir sua marca ou negócio, ou se não estiver totalmente satisfeito - por qualquer motivo - basta me avisar e você receberá um reembolso imediato. Esta é a maneira mais justa que conheço de provar a você a eficácia do "Kit Definitivo do Email Marketing"!

O kit inclui direitos de revenda de qualquer tipo?

Não, não tem. Os modelos são projetados para ajudá-lo a vender seus próprios produtos e serviços e não incluem direitos de revenda, direitos de marca própria ou direitos de doação.

Resumindo, eles são apenas para seu uso pessoal e você não pode vender, compartilhar ou doar nossos modelos sob nenhuma circunstância.

Meet Laschuk

(The Email Marketing Guy)

Laschuk has already sold more than 1 million through email marketing alone, in addition to having already earned more than 8 figures in several digital businesses in the following segments: food, digital marketing, architecture and therapy.

He participated in the global board of Active Campaign. He has his YouTube channel where he publishes content about digital marketing daily, opening the “black box” of his projects.

“The Ultimate Email Marketing Kit” offers an unfair advantage!

As you can see, nothing was left to chance.

You achieve everything. I made sure to include everything you need to be successful with Email Marketing.

This is the fastest, easiest and most profitable way for you to master emails. It allows you to connect, convince and ultimately sell with emails at any time.

Just do me a favor, okay?

Please USE this valuable resource. Don't leave it sitting on your hard drive only to be forgotten. Instead, use it and profit from it.

So please, after downloading this product… open your Ultimate Email Marketing Kit Google Docs document.

Scroll through the 7 full sequences and 51 'unique' emails.

See the quality of the models offered. Notice how easy it is to make changes so the templates become your own unique emails. And then get emotional. Stay motivated. And then think about what this means for you and your company. Today is the day everything changes.

Download the Ultimate Email Marketing Kit now and prepare for a brighter, more rewarding future. Get ready to make sales at will, on demand, whenever you want.

The Ultimate Email Marketing Kit gives you an unfair advantage over all your competitors. It provides templates, skills, knowledge, and confidence to make email sales without delay.

Copy, paste and send.It doesn't get easier.

I wish you all the best... and... I'd love to hear about your success after putting these models into action.

- Guilherme Laschuk

Hurry up, the special discount offer ends soon!

Hurry up, the special discount offer ends soon!

Here's a quick recap of EVERYTHING you get in "The Best $197 Email Marketing Kit, Just $17 Today...

The “UpSell 2X + SALES” Sequence (3 E-mails)

The “Free Leads” Sequence (2 Emails)

The “Product Launch Formula” Sequence (6 emails)

The “High Ticket” Email Sequence (3 Emails)

The “Warmed Leads” Sequence (14 E-mails)

The “Welcome” Sequence (6 Emails)

The “Abandoned Cart” Sequel (18 emails)

BONUS #1: How to build an email list from scratch (worth $99.00)

BONUS #2: “Email List Mastery – How to Maintain an Open Rate ABOVE 25%”(not value of $ 99)

Today's price... $ 197

Get everything now for just...


And you're still covered by my outrageous "Try Before You Buy" 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee in the unlikely event you're not completely satisfied.

Avoid disappointment.

Secure this great bargain now.

Paste and send!

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